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Giovanna Battaglia: The Anastasia Of Winter

For the December 2013 issue of Vogue Nippon, Giovanna Battaglia found inspiration in the Romanov dynasty of Russia, styling a wonderful editorial titled, "The Anastasia of Winter." Model Lindsey Wixson takes on the persona of the mythical Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, the youngest daughter of the last sovereign of Imperial Russia. Couture by Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, and Meadham Kirchhoff, among others, serves to ward off the chill while Wixson plays princess on her Russian estate for the lens of Emma Summerton. I have paired images of Anastasia then and now, and I must agree with Gio, the period fashion absolutely inspires...

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Giovanna Battaglia for Vogue Nippon editorial © 2013 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Go-Go-Gio! W Magazine October 2013

Go-Go-Gio! W Magazine, October 2013
By Kristin Sekora

In this month’s "Gio’s Journal" in W Magazine, our wonderful gal is not content to be just her usual insouciant self (which literally means “I’m not troubled” in French). A visit to the residence of the Italian writer Gabriele D’Annunzio introduced her to the sign below, which Giovanna Battaglia recommends for every home:  It is a quite naughty Italian expression meaning “I don’t give a fuck”!

Giovanna also featured a picture of herself in an authentic gondolier hat as seen above. She wishes New York’s Mayor Bloomberg would put a gondola in the Central Park reservoir so she could run a boat there. Don’t quit your day job, Gio!  We need you on the fashion front — no part-time work for you ferrying tourists around the park.

Finally, influenced by the Claes Oldenburg show at the Museum of Modern Art, Giovanna fell for the museum store’s Hot Dog Yummypocket Pouch by Anat Safran, which would serve as a great cosmetic case or change purse. You can order it online (item 84783) or at the store on 53rd Street and if you’re a member of the Museum you receive a 10% discount!

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Editorial images © 2013 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


IWTB Contest Winner: Justine Ariel

IWTB hosted a contest this summer inviting readers to share their thoughts about the sites for a chance to win a prize and I am thrilled to announce the winner of our contest: Justine Ariel! I must admit that Justine's words moved me to tears, I was so happy that she appreciates our genuine approach and her potent reminder, "Don't give up!" came just at the right time. Justine wins a set of four IWTB mugs (Alt, Battaglia, Coppola, Roitfeld); a copy of the book Nostalgia in Vogue; a copy of the limited edition artist's book Alt/Saglio: Quotes + Citations by Wynn Dan; and the ring of her choice from I Heard They Eat Cigarettes. My sincerest thanks to all of the readers that took the time to share their thoughts! Congratulations Justine!

Keep It Real, Don't Give Up
By Justine Ariel

I have been following I Want To Be An Alt and I Want To Be A Battaglia for some time now. But this essay is in response to I Want To Be An Alt. Yes. The difficult, the inscrutable Alt, with those smartly-written editorials and edgy photographs. With those ideals and images that — sometimes — fall short of the institutional fashion mega-star Vogue Paris. Emmanuelle Alt is trying to do something great — and that is to bring the magazine and its readers into her own vision of the 21st century. This means a lot of mistakes, but when it's good, it's really good. And for this reason, my favorite thing about the site is that you don't give up. That's also one of the things I've learned from these women through your sites. And do you know why it's great that you don't give up? Because you aren't afraid to criticize. You aren't afraid to say, "This is disappointing, I'm not sure where Alt is going with this." In an industry based so much on personality — both fashion and fashion blogging industries — it is refreshing to hear an honest opinion that critiques the work of this woman intelligently and thoughtfully. She makes mistakes! We all do. How refreshing is that? But the other side of the coin is, she doesn't give up. Your blog is inspiring for me not just because I get to see the stylish outfits and compelling editorials, but because I'm actually able to understand the endurance of the work of these women (Okay, now I'm talking about ALL of your sites). No one else is showing this, or analyzing it, in such a focused way. And this is why I keep coming back to your sites — because I know I'm going to get articles that discuss the good and the bad, from writers who aren't afraid to to speak their minds. This is important in all disciplines, but much needed in the fashion world. 

That said, my favorite posts are the outfit posts. I feel like they're my treat for reading and understanding the reasons behind editorials and Alt's different visions. Because Emmanuelle Alt is just so damn chic, every time. And it's so refreshing to see that — gasp! — she wears the same clothes to different events. Whereas Carine Roitfeld and Giovanna Battaglia are known for their eclectic and seemingly endless wardrobes, Emmanuelle Alt is a woman of staples. And I appreciate that. It brings me back to, maybe, what Parisian street style is meant to be. Everyone has their uniform, but it just looks good. I don't know how Emmanuelle Alt's editorship (is that a word?) at Vogue Paris will be remembered — it's too early to tell. But change is refreshing, and, ironically, it's nice to see the same outfits for a change. 

Before I get too caught up in wordplay... Please keep posting great editorials on your site! For those of us living outside of France, a subscription to Vogue Paris is a hefty $180 per year. It's great to see the little gems of the magazine (Vogue Paris: "Tresor National" for example, and the aluminum foil dress in "Couture") and be plugged in to the best of it. What would I change about the site? Well, for me, when I lack inspiration, I change the layout of my site. Maybe give I Want To Be An Alt a makeover. From going super-minimalist to making the post space wider... It might broaden your horizons, open the world! 

In sum, I really think you are doing a great thing. You are a great resource for the best (and worst) of Vogue Paris — the best on the web, so please remember that! There are people out there (me) who really appreciate it. I'm being honest, I'm not just trying to win Alt/Saglio. Although that would also be great. You never know where this site will take you (even if you just go to the magazine stand to buy Vogue Paris who knows, you could meet the love of your life, and/or a puppy) — so my Alt-ian message is: don't give up! I'm a 25-year-old writer and young artist, finding a voice in photography, fashion, and film. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I wish you all the best.

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Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, Giovanna Battaglia, Sofia Coppola photos via Pure People, Getty Images, Fashion Spot.


Happy 34th Birthday Giovanna Battaglia!

Giovanna Battaglia: Fashion Week Swirl For Our Birthday Girl!
By Kristin Sekora

We at IWTBAB wish a wonderful 34th birthday to our dear Giovanna Battaglia! Our favorite glamour girl has the good fortune to be spending her birthday in the midst of an exciting Paris Fashion Week surrounded by her chic fashion friends. We will bring you the photos and details of her special celebration as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in the days before her birthday, our girl Gio was documented by the fashion media making the scene at New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks. Here she is with her good buddy, Anna Dello Russo, en route to Paris. At least this purports to be the two of them. BUT IT CANNOT BE! These young women are dressed like two well-behaved young junior high school students on the way to the state capitol to visit their representatives. Giovanna wears no makeup, and most suspiciously, Anna has no fake wings protruding from any of the articles of clothing she is wearing, not even from her luggage. Yet it is they, for may I suggest, dear reader, that like all of us there are times when even these two goddesses go without mascara?

As I led off my last article with what could have been a topless photo of Giovanna, I will start here with what is most certainly a well covered up one in which she is the leading lady on one of the most prominent fashion pages in the industry.

For, shall we ask ourselves — is this faceless lovely “GIO” — placed prominently on the marquee of The Editorialist’s Milan Fashion Week Street File slideshow, our lady-never-in-waiting? It must be, for there is certainly only one Gio in all of fashion!

And for New York Fashion Week, The Editorialist also chose an image of Giovanna Battaglia for the marquee of its Street File Issue.

I’m not sure which designers Giovanna is wearing but she has outdone most of the competition fashion-walking that day by wearing that stunning belt. Its architectural quality is balanced by the drape on her skirt; a plain straight skirt would have been too boring. Then do you notice how often she wears flesh-colored stockings with black? Much fresher than the conventional black. The white shirt is refreshing and the red watch is a playful touch in a look that could have come off as too classic. The same could be said for the blue sunglasses.

Later in The Editorialist’s New York Fashion Week Round-up: Gio fashion-walking in true “Street Fashion” style — crossing the street. I love her confident stride in her heels, and look at the flesh-colored stockings again. Her sleeveless pale blue dress is perfect transitional seasonal dressing and her firm clasp on her bag and her engagement with the camera all convey her strength.

Not to be outdone, the wonderful style blogger Garance Doré posted this image of the Italian model Bianca Balti, the Italian socialite Bianca Brandolini d’Adda, and our Gio, snapping pictures front row...

The Editorialist chose Giovanna Battaglia as their marquee cover woman for good reason — she is a master of accessories style! I am thankful for all I have learned about accessories in covering her fashion editorials. The jewelers, handbag makers, and even hat makers (House of Flora!) have really broadened our readers’ knowledge. There was even an editorial where she used accessories extensively from “The Feather Place.” I did not have a chance to go in to that yet, but I plan to cover them in the future.

The high-end fashion site The Editorialist was founded by Stefania Palandjoglou Allen and Kate Davidson Hudson — Stef coming from Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, and most recently as the Senior Accessories Editor at ELLE, and Kate from Harper’s Bazaar and her recent role as the Accessories Director at ELLE. The duo took their accessories jones and masterminded an entity where women could find the best of bags, sunglasses, and jewelry culled across all makers and products while they provide a concierge service to walk their clients through the pricey task of finding this season’s purchases, store-bought or custom-made. I know when I went on my recent hunt for this season’s huggable clutch (I compare it to carrying a teddy bear with you at all times!) it took me days of research to find the fur bag that met my needs: this mink “Little Monster” bag by Fendi below. It is perfect, as cute and comforting as a pillow. I’m sure The Editorialist would have produced the image for the perfect bag in minutes based on my description of what I sought. (Note that this was just “fantasy” research — at over $7,000 a purchase was beyond my means! But I always want to learn what is “the best of the best” for my readers!). I hope you will all join me now in wishing Giovanna Battaglia the happiest of birthdays!

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Giovanna Battaglia photographs courtesy of garancedore.fr, editorialist.com, Fendi, and instagram.com/annadellorusso


Go-Go-Gio! W Magazine September 2013

Go-Go-Gio! W Magazine, September 2013
By Kristin Sekora

In this, my inaugural edition of “Go-Go-Gio!” covering Giovanna Battaglia’s monthly column in W Magazine, I thought I would have the scoop of all scoops! A quite literal scoop as a matter of fact… As I perused the wonderful photos that our insouciant fashion mistress posted, right next to a photo of the two new kittens her sister had received was a photo, presumably of Gio, scooping her own little kittens (slang for breasts) in her hands and wearing an exquisite necklace her friend had designed. My first lead was to be, “Gio Goes Topless for W!” But 36 words into the 47-word blurb it says the photo is of the designer friend. I believe Giovanna did this on purpose!

Another wonderful photo is of Giovanna Battaglia and Pedro Almodovar at the Met Gala, their arms wrapped around each other. Her shoes were killing her and they are off her feet, Pedro and Gio each talking into a shoe as if it were a telephone. Some platform shoes should come with insurance policies. Here is my own Swarvoski-cystal-covered pair that almost ended my life at an Equality California Awards Gala. I will have them converted into a telephone!

“Ring, Ring!”

Finally, our subversive editor is photographed with a blue “helmet” hat on from Chanel looking unusually serious with her arms folded and her lips closed. She mentions that the hat looks like a “very chic bob,” but what she neglects to say is that Karl Lagerfeld created the hats as a play on Anna Wintour’s hairstyle. There cannot be two editors more different than Anna and Gio!

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Editorial images © 2013 Condé Nast. Shoe photograph © 2013 Kristin Sekora. All Rights Reserved.

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