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Giovanna Battaglia: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

In honor of the fiftieth birthday of Hamish Bowles, Giovanna Battaglia attended a costume party on Long Island with a 1920s style theme, "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody." Note that it was no "little party" by any stretch of the imagination; guests enjoyed cocktails on the lawn and tours of the gardens followed by dinner and dancer in a stately manner that would have pleased Monsieur Gatsby himself. Of course Giovanna made a fantastic flapper, going for baroque in a sparkling rendition of the style of the period, picture perfect to the pin curl. As Gio herself proclaimed, "Dressing up is certainly one of my favorite things to do." Dress up she did, in a glamorous drop-waisted dress of gold sequins, a vintage cape in green velvet, and her pièce de résistance, a lime green feathered headdress covered in diamond brooches.

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Giovanna Battaglia photographs © 2013 Condé Nast and instagram.com/bat_gio. All Rights Reserved.


IWTB Contest

In an effort to spur my own flagging motivation, I have decided to conduct the most flagrantly biased contest imaginable just for fun. For your chance to win a fabulous prize package… please write an essay with your thoughts about the IWTB sites, for better or for worse!

Choose one or more of the four IWTB sites and then tell me any, all, or none of the following:

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Contest Guidelines

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  • Contest ends 31 July 2013, don't delay!

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Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, Giovanna Battaglia, Sofia Coppola photos via Pure People, Getty Images, Fashion Spot.


Giovanna Battaglia: All Tomorrow's Parties

Giovanna Battaglia: All Tomorrow's Parties
By Kristin Sekora

When one’s eyes flash across the pages of Giovanna Battaglia’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” a fashion editorial that she styled for the March 2013 issue of W, it is hard to believe that she was born a full nine years after the Sixties ended — for she has mastered every element of the era’s clothing, hair, makeup, and even lifestyle! "All Tomorrow's Parties" was a 1967 song written by Lou Reed based on life at Andy Warhol’s Factory, and the editorial opens appropriately with model Alana Zimmer in a Vidal Sassoon haircut and Mary Quant makeup wearing a bright red Nehru jacket with white frog closures. I say the editorial opens appropriately with regard to Mary Quant for she was known for inventing the mini-skirt and hot pants and was remembered for encouraging young people to dress “to please themselves and to treat fashion as a game” — or to dress for all tomorrow’s parties!

Gio is astonishing in how assuredly the editorial styling references the era. The Beatles first performed for American television viewers on 9 February 1964, and model Fielding Lewis, in the stunning Brooks Brothers Madras jacket and pants, has the perfect “Beatle” haircut. Yes, ladies, these impish bangs brushed aside caused Ed Sullivan to call the boys (and they were just boys in 1964) slovenly in their appearance — and Lewis doesn’t even sport long sideburns! To our eyes today he seems boyish and sweet even. The Dita glasses on Lewis' face are perfect — the big style that was de rigueur in the Sixties. Giovanna Battaglia really did her research here, for we can’t even get off the first page of the editorial without realizing that this entire page is an homage to the Beatles’ vaunted trip to India in 1966 and its eventual great influence on Sixties fashion.

Photographed in sparkling clean Sixties modern style by Tom Munro, Giovanna takes us in the editorial next to Carnaby Street where model Julia Stegner reigns in Tommy Hilfiger’s blazer and pants, a jaunty Patricia Underwood hat on her head. She too wears Sixties style maxi-sunglasses by Marc Jacobs. (I have a pair of to-die-for solid black square ones that look like scuba-diving goggles on my to-buy list!)

It is at this point in my missive that I must admit, dear reader, that I know whereof I write — I turned 14 in 1960! All my Sixties vintage is from my own closet. For that reason, I know so well how wonderful Gio is at what she does! There is a photo of the lovely Alana Zimmer in a slinky metallic knit Zadig & Voltaire backless floor-length dress in which she has that Linda Morand (circa 1966)round Vidal Sassoon cut and dangling round earrings and looks enough like a photo I have of my best friend, the model Linda Morand (who also turned 14 in 1960), to be an homage to the original shoot. As a detail from the Sixties, note that the hanging ball earrings pictured on Linda, not having been invented yet at the time of the Sixties shoot, were made of balls of cork covered with sequins!

Yes, Giovanna Battaglia knows not only the hair and the makeup but the specific styles that were so in in the Sixties. She has chosen a wonderful little Popsicle orange and poppy red Peter Som bathing suit (I must get this! Who is Peter Som?) that is just like Betsey Johnson clothes from the Sixties, and a red-white-and-blue print Banana Republic woven silk shirtdress that looks just like a green polyester (I am sorry, but polyester is so in now, don’t neglect it!) houndstooth print mini-dress with self belt at the hip that I had. I wore it with light green tights and low black oxfords with taffeta bows! Here I am pictured wearing the outfit while sitting on a fence in Pittsburgh in 1968, I ironed my hair then...

Kristin Sekora

As one final coup in this incredible editorial, the amazing Gio chose the model Julia Stegner, dressed her in a tiger print Alice + Olivia dress and a Maria Del Greco hat, swathed her face and lips in nude makeup, kohled her eyes — and produced a stunning replica of Patti Hansen!

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Editorial images © 2013 Condé Nast. Linda Morand photograph by David McCabe. Kristin Sekora photograph by Robert Crowder. All Rights Reserved.


Giovanna Battaglia At “Madonna: The MDNA Tour” Premiere

Giovanna Battaglia At “Madonna: The MDNA Tour” Premiere
By Kristin Sekora

Giovanna Battaglia shined at the premiere of “Madonna: The MDNA Tour” at The Paris Theatre in New York City hosted by Dolce & Gabbana and The Cinema Society. The Byzantine mosaic pattern of her D&G skirt flashed jewel-like on her tiny figure, Giovanna is perfectly made for such designs. Then there was the subtle tone of her top, which played off the bright colors of the fabric below, and the richness of the shoes on her tiny feet. She was very Gio-centric in her inspiration when she put her outfit together!

Madonna attended the premiere in a three-piece Tom Ford suit, very à la Marlene Dietrich; Madonna and Giovanna take the cake as the world’s leading style icons who are also very petite women — winners in my book as I was once 5'3'' and 105 pounds! For the documentary, director Danny Tull definitely did not deal with anything “petite” — having to cut the best elements of 88 different Madonna concerts into one film. As Tull describes it: “On ‘Like a Prayer’ there must be [cuts of concerts from] 50 countries inside that song alone. It was really intense. I think I looked down one day and I was like, ‘Oh, my fingers are about to fall off’ — but it was worth it!”

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Giovanna Battaglia and Madonna photographs © 2013 Getty Images. All Rights Reserved.


Introducing… Kristin Sekora, Contributing Editor

I am pleased to present the newest member of the I Want To Be A Battaglia team — Kristin Sekora, contributing editor! Kristin has a keen eye for style and a wonderful way with words and I very much look forward to her sharing her enthusiasm for the amazing Giovanna Battaglia with all of us on these pages. Please join me in welcoming Kristin to IWTBAB, benvenuto bella!

Kristin Sekora
Contributing Editor

I am so happy to have joined the stellar Kellina de Boer’s team of I Want To Be’s! I adore Giovanna Battaglia — that Punk Princess portrait of her with the golden aurora of safety pins at the Met Gala outdid all the other ladies — Go-Go-Gio!  

I am a fine artist working on a figurative series in oil as homage to my brother Stuart who died at 24. It is based on Walt Whitman’s poem, “Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking.” I am also a California landscape painter and have been covered in the Los Angeles Times. My fashion cred comes from a childhood with a mother from the American South who was a couturier-level dressmaker and trained me to have an eye. I am seeking style icons at the moment: maybe Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger à la Versace and Giuseppe Zanotti — I am learning to add rock into my classic mix.

My father was a sea captain and I was partly raised in a small fishing village on the end of Long Island — Montauk — which has now been christened by Vogue Paris as “le nouveau Saint-Tropez”!

I will write in my blue velvet robe at my computer with my little Siamese tabby Juno at my side. I hope you like my work!

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Kristin Sekora photograph © 2013 Kristin Sekora. All Rights Reserved.

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