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Giovanna Battaglia: MaxMara Weekend F/W 2010

MaxMara Weekend F/W 2010
Stylist: Giovanna Battaglia
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak
Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski

MaxMara images © 2010 MaxMara. All Rights Reserved.


Giovanna Battaglia: Street Surveillance

I am delighted to present the striking editorial "Street Surveillance" styled by Giovanna Battaglia for the March 2011 issue of W. Gio applies her original touch to the spreads to create unusually beautiful and memorable images on the streets of South Beach as shot by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indelkofer. Models Julia Saner and Jacquelyn Jablonski look amazing in clothes and accessories by Burberry, Blumarine, Céline, Etro, Fendi, LaCrasia, Loewe, Prada, Stella McCartney, and Sergio Rossi among other designers.

Notice that Giovanna loved the Missoni skirt pictured in the editorial so much that she is wearing it herself; muito obrigada to Ana Clara Garmendia for capturing this lovely photo. I hope the rumors are true and that Giovanna is appointed to a position at W officially soon, her colorful vision suits the magazine perfectly... She could even model for her own editorials!

W editorial images © 2011 Condé Nast. All Rghts Reserved.
Giovanna Battaglia photograph courtesy of anaclaragarmendia.blogspot.com.


Giovanna Battaglia: Verde Bianco Rosso

Gala posted photographs of Giovanna Battaglia wearing the colors of the Italian flag today in honor of the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification — what better salute to Italy than with a fashionable Gio flag?! I like Gucci's commemoration: "Italian culture may stretch back millennia, but the country known as Italy is much, much younger. Today marks the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification. Called the Risorgimento, the process brought the disparate regions of the peninsula under one flag for the first time, effectively ending hundreds of years of foreign rule and creating the modern state of Italy. We've always been proud of our roots, but especially so today. Grande Italia, Happy Birthday!"

Buon Compleanno Italia!!! 150 Anni!!!

Giovanna Battaglia photographs courtesy of Fashion Spot.


Giovanna Battaglia In Vintage Missoni

Grazie mille to Gala, our stellar Italian editor-at-large, for her wonderful piece today titled "Missoni Vintage? Istruzioni per l'uso" or in English, "Vintage Missoni? Instructions for use," in which she interprets Giovanna Battaglia's styling of this fantastic vintage coat by Missoni. Giovanna is pictured outside the show for the Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2011 collection held at Musée Rodin. Read on for Gala's interpretation in both Italian and English (thanks to our new translator, Isabelle Reford! Grazie tanto Isabelle!).

Missoni Vintage? Istruzioni per l’uso

Avete un cappottino vintage di Missoni da tempo immemorabile nell’armadio, oppure l’avete incredibilmente scovato al mercatino dell’usato ancora in buonissime condizioni alla modica cifra di trenta Euro (conosco personalmente chi ha avuto tale fortuna!), e non sapete come riattualizzarlo?

Giovanna Battaglia docet!!!

Innanzitutto cominciate col sostituire la cintura in maglia in dotazione al cappotto con una bella cintura in cuoio dall’aspetto “used” e nascondete il colletto, soprattutto se dalla foggia demodé, con un bel collo o una piccola stola di pelliccia, magari eco-friendly. Riducete il resto dell’abbigliamento al monocolore e prediligete delle forme “skinny”. Scegliete gli accessori (sempre pochi) con molta cura. Interessanti i tronchetti-couture scelti da Giovanna ed i "bangles-gemelli" che adornano riccamente i polsi, compensando magari la banalità delle maniche del cappotto.

Vintage Missoni? Instructions for use

Do you have a vintage overcoat from who knows when in your closet, or incredibly did you discover one at a flea market that is still in great condition at the modest price of thirty Euro (I personally know someone who had such fortune!) and you don’t know how to reuse it?

Giovanna Battaglia teaches!!!

First of all start by substituting the knitted belt supplied with the coat with a nice leather belt that has the “used” look and hide the collar, especially if it is demode style, with a nicer collar or a little fur stole, eco-friendly of course. Limit the rest of the outfit to monochrome and preferably the “skinny” fit. Choose the accessories (always very few) with a lot of care. Interesting are the couture cuffs chosen by Giovanna and the “twin bangles” that richly adorn the wrists, if only to offset the banality of the coat’s sleeves.

Translation from Italian to English by Isabelle Reford

Giovanna Battaglia photographs courtesy of Fashion Spot and PurseForum


Giovanna Battaglia's Closet

Why wait? Let the fun begin as we introduce a new feature: Giovanna Battaglia's Closet! I imagine that you would love to spend time there just as much I would so I added Guardaroba Di Battaglia, or in English "wardrobe of Battaglia" on the right and posted her first item! Shoes, of course, her gorgeous Sergio Rossi Powder Suede Fishnet Vague Crystal Booties. Each entry will include a photo of the item from Giovanna's closet and any available details. Ideally each will be accompanied by a photograph of Gio wearing the piece. In this case, special thanks to Ana Clara Garmendia for sharing with us her lovely photo of Giovanna in her sparkling Sergio Rossis. I hope you enjoy browsing Giovanna's closet with me...

Giovanna Battaglia photograph courtesy of anaclaragarmendia.blogspot.com. Sergio Rossi product images courtesy of sergiorossi.com.