Nouveau Art iPhone Case
giovedì 5 aprile 2012
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Giovanna Battaglia is the queen of accessorizing, even encasing her iPhone in an artful swirl of baroque glamour. Gio's shining gold iPhone case is the Nouveau Art model, a designer case manufactured by ION-factory. Practical as well as glamorous, the Nouveau Art case is constructed of polycarbonate to provide durability and coated in iridium to ensure that the phone's signal is uninterrupted. Leave it to Giovanna to find the perfect blend of art and technology to enhance her communications with a touch of elegance. Thanks to Fred at Easy Fashion Paris for the wonderful photograph of Gio holding her gilded iPhone.

Giovanna Battaglia photograph © 2012 Fred/Easy Fashion ParisION Nouveau Art iPhone Case images © 2012 ION-factory.

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